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Digest / Design Areas That Increase Revenue

McKinsey studied the performance of 300 companies from their design practices

  • 2 million pieces of financial data
  • 100,000 design actions over five years
  • design-led companies had 32% more revenue
  • 56% higher total returns to shareholders
  • Verified across three separate industries

four areas that increase revenue and total returns

  1. Tracking design’s impact as a metric
  2. Actually talking to users
  3. Embedding designers in cross-functional teams
  4. Researching, early-stage prototyping, and iterating
  • +40% surveyed companies don’t talk to users during development
  • ~50% have no objective way to assess design team output
  • -5% reported they cannot make a data-driven design-related decision
  • ~60% only use prototypes late in the development process, for internal use only
  • All top-down problems designers cannot fix on their own