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What if…

2 words of optimism and possibility

I look around and observe that everything we use was first designed. I ponder how someone applied their thought, their skills and collaborated to produce what we see, use and experience. I have a reverence for the craft and dedication this requires.

Over time I’ve become aware that there is an experience at a macro level, such as traveling, running errands or any mundane activity. Everything in what we do and how we do it has multiple levels of design. When frustrated one can wonder “What if… this was designed better?”

I now observe how we get tasks done in general, using services for our sustenance and comforts. We interact with the intangible possibly more than with physical products. The systems these amenities were devised upon and the organizations that run them, these invisible constructs were all designed. “What if… they were designed better?

What we create reflects our values and ideologies. They suggest our aspirations. Often, too commonly perhaps, the measure for better is but a notion of growth, profit, gain, dominance. Such measures exclude the human dimension while that is the necessary ingredient to achieving the business outcome. “What if… we measured with more human-centric indicators?”

Design Thinking challenges us to identify what is worth solving. We’re asked to think about it deeply, with the intent to understand our true needs. Discerningly, what are our needs truly? I ask myself “What if we were to design with more wisdom? What if we allowed values to gravitate towards minding the overall outcome, rather than the expedient one?

Simon Sinek discusses the shortcomings of a finite mentality versus an outlook onto the infinite game. I’ve pondered “What if we designed with a consideration for an infinite outcome rather than for the finite win?”.

I optimistically wonder “What if…”

Kai Brunner