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What if…

2 words of optimism and possibility

Look around you. Everything we’ve originated and use was first designed – Everything. It’s not just what you see and interact with. Beyond the backdrop of products and services there also exists what isn’t tangible nor visible: systems, processes, organizations… hierarchies. Those were designed on top of yet larger ones that were originally designed to reflect our ideologies, our values, our beliefs… our aspirations.

What if we aspired to experiencing things a little better. Better in the sense of aligning solution to true purpose, for that is the essence of design.
Design Thinking first challenges us to identify what is worth solving. What justifies the investment of our attention, faculties and resources? After we’ve agreed on what to solve and improve, we’re asked to think about it deeply, with the intent of understanding our true needs. Discerningly, what are our needs truly? Don’t summon pyramids and charts to answer that question. I mean really ask yourself “What do I truly need?”… Wisdom, I venture.

I ask myself “What if we were to design with more wisdom? What if we allowed values to gravitate towards minding the overall outcome, rather than the expedient one?”. Yes, we’ve coined the terms user-centered design and human-centered design… (pause) It doesn’t feel like we’re there yet because it’s remarkable that we don’t approach design that way by default. It requires training and courses to condition us to be mindful. I surmise that is because we evolve within systems of control as the foundation from which we create.

The ContinuousDesign Project is a journey of the mind. Destination unknown, but invariably towards a horizon of betterment. This project is in its state of incubation. Its purpose for now is to draw curiosity towards dialogue, and a disposition to engage with openness asking ourselves “What if…”.

Kai Brunner